Our bespoke service

Jo Barnes offers you the chance to have a beautiful customised accessory for your big day, she will work with you to design and create you the perfect adornment to enhance your bridal gown reflecting your style and personality. You can include your own sentimental jewellery such as your Grandmothers beloved pearls or you can leave this for Jo to source                                         

The design process

A 50% non-refundable deposit is payable and you will  be booked in for the design process

Jo will do several designs based on the information you have provided along with prices

You will choose the design you want created

Jo will start creating emailing you work in progress pictures

You will have the chance to make any adjustments along the way

Your accessory will be finalised       

You will pay the final 50% when you are 100% happy with it                 

Jo will post out your beautiful custom-made accessory 

Please allow 10-12 weeks for a bespoke design

For Bespoke enquiries please email [email protected]

"Her ability to interperate ideas into a beautiful accessory is second to none"