NEW Pearl Collection

Every bride adores pearls so Jo decided to create an entire range loaded with Swarovski pearls.This collection features a fabulous range of romantic pieces which are very dramatic and will add a real statement to your chosen ensemble whilst also oozing elegance, there is also of course a stunning range of art deco inspired pieces, which is Jo's signature style

Jo is renowned for her attention to detail and quality craftmenship and this range exceeds her reputation. These pieces are beautifully designed, so suitable for the modern bride whilst also fitting for her beloved vintage brides, they are a real investment and each piece will become a cherished heirloom


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Chandelier Collection

The beautiful Chandelier collection is inspired by the roaring 20s, lots of crystal and pearl drapes, a popular trend of this fabulous era. You will be sure to add some art deco charm to your look with one of these stunning pieces

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Honey Collection

This is a fabulous range of headdresses featuring honey crystals, the honey toned crystals add a subtle hint of colour creating you something a little different, whilst also making them a versatile  piece to wear with both ivory and warmer toned bridal gowns

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          Classics Collection

Beautiful classic vintage style bridal headdresses, this collection features some of Jo's very first designs, including her best selling "Gracie & Grace" headdresses

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