Jo Barnes Flora statement headdress
(Model wears Flora)
Dress your locks with one of these lovingly hand made bridal headdresses, created using only the finest materials
Whichever you choose you will be sure to add a touch of glamour to your look
(For international orders please email your order to jo@jobarnesvintage.com as additional postage 
charges will apply)


Jo Barnes Flora
Exquisite new statement piece intricately wired with Swarovski
crystals and pearls, can be worn as a headband or
traditional style tiara
 Matching cuff available

Jo Barnes FloraJo Barnes Flora
Jo Barnes Flora
From £420

Crystal plating
Headband colour
"The Original"
(Shown in Ivory pearls)
Decorate your beautiful locks with this divine headdress designed to 
sweep around 
the front of the head adding sparkle and glamour 
your wedding day look....
(The Gracie headband measures 7" long by 2.5" wide)

Jo Barnes Gracie
Jo BArnes Gracie
Jo Barnes Gracie
 Featured in
Jo Barnes featured in Vogue
      From £240 
Crystal plating
Headband Colour

"The Original"

A beautiful side statement headdress created with crystals and pearls
 this is sure to wow your guests... 
Shown in silver pearl
(Grace measures 5.5" long by 2.5" wide)

Jo Barnes Grace
Jo Barnes Grace
Jo BArnes Grace

From £210

Crystal plating
Headband Colour
"All crystal"
Jo BArnes All Crystal Gracie
Our beloved Gracie created in all crystals raised on a headband
covered with round crystals, a beautiful statement piece...
(Available in silver or palladium plated crystals)

Jo Barnes all crystal Gracie
Jo Barnes all crystal Gracie
Jo Barnes all crystal Gracie
From £265
Crystal plating
Royal Gracie

From £250

This beautiful headdress based on our classic Gracie has 
fabulous Montana Swarovski crystals added
A beautiful statement piece

Crystal plating
Headband Colour
Golden Gracie

The Jo Barnes signature piece is now available in golden tones
A classic statement headdress created with Swarovski crystals
and pearls
(measure 7" long by 2.5" wide)

Matching earrings available

Jo Barnes Golden gracieJo Barnes Golden Gracie
Jo Barnes Golden gracie
Headband Colour
Golden Freda

A fabulous 1920s inspired headband created
with golden tone Swarovski crystals and pearls


Goes beautifully with our Gardenia cuff

The Charlie headband is a romantic statement piece intricately
with Swarovski 
crystals and pearls
a totally exquisite piece...

Matching cuff - see jewellery collection

Jo Barnes Charlie statement headdress

 From £395

Crystal plating
Headband colour
Jo Barnes Iris headband
Jo Barnes Iris
Stunning floral headband Intricately wired with Swarvoski
crystals and pearls

Jo Barnes Iris
From £315

Crystal plating
Matching bracelet available

Unique art deco inspired headband created with marquise and 
round Swarovski crystals. Frankie can be finished in a 
Silver, Gold or Palladium plated Swarovski crystals

Looks fabulous with our Zinnia cuff
Jo Barnes Frankie headdress
Jo Barnes Frankie Jo Barnes Frankie
From £245
Crystal plating
Headband colour

Jo Barnes Ora - all crystal version (All crystal version)
Beautiful crystal and pearl headdress
Elegantly understated
Jo Barnes Ora headband

From £185
Ora headdress - brown band
(Ora on a plain band)
Headband colour
Jo Barnes vintage inspired Betsy headdress 

An elegant floral side headdress created with Swarovski crystals

This is a beautiful statement piece sure to attract attention

Headband colour

Jo Barnes Saz - 1920s forehead band
 A dazzling 1920s inspired forehead band full of sparkle created with 
Swarovski crystals and pearls

Jo Barnes Saz - 1920s forehead band
Wear with our Lois bracelet

Jo Barnes - Nancy pearl and crystal side headdress
A unique art deco inspired side headdress created 
with Swarovski crystals and pearls
Jo Barnes - Nancy pearl and crystal side headdress


Headband Colour

Sparkling Swarovski crystals and pearls are intricately wired
 together to create this beautiful floral side headpiece

Headband colour
Jo Barnes Carmen crystal and pearl headband

The Carmen headband is a vintage twist on the traditional tiara 
created from pear and marquise shaped Swarovski crystals with ivory 
pearls mixed in, an elegant statement piece. Choose from Silver, 
Gold or Palladium plated Swarovski crystals

            From £235
Crystal plating
Headband colour

Jo Barnes - Estelle Headband
The beautiful Estelle headband is a bold statement piece
created with marquise leaves, designed to trail around your head
can be worn facing forward or backwards

Headband colour
Jo Barnes Elsie headband

The Elsie headband has a fabulous art deco feel, created from 
large marquise Swarovski crystals, can be finished in Silver,
Gold or Palladium plated Swarovski crystals

Jo Barnes Elsie
From £235
Crystal plating
Headband colour

Looks fabulous with our Zinnia cuff
Jo Barnes Harriet headband

Stunning floral side headdress created from large marquise Swarovski 
crystals, Harriett is a charming piece which can be finished in 
silver, gold or palladium plated Swarovski crystals
 From £235
Crystal plating
Headband colour
Wear with our Hepburn cuff 
Jo Barnes Zelda 1920s inspired headband

Ooze glamour with this divine forehead band, inspired by the wonderful roaring 20s, featuring Swarovski crystals and pearl drops

Wear with our Vivienne bracelet

Jo Barnes Vintage Zelda 1920s headband
Jo Barnes Vintage Zelda headdress
Jo Barnes vintage Zelda headband 
From £210
Crystal plating
Jo Barnes Norma peacock feather headband
Beautiful peacock feather headband containing sparkling crystals and 
ivory pearls, this piece will be sure to add a touch of 1920s charm to
 your look 
Swarovski crystal band can be Silver or Palladium plated  

Jo Barnes - Norma pearl and crystal Headband
Jo Barnes - Norma peacock feather Headband
From £175

Crystal plating
Jo Barnes rita

Jo Barnes - Rita crystal Headband
This Rita headdress oozes glamour, you will be sure to make a 
statement with this divine piece, chose Silver, Gold or Palladium
 plated Swarovski crystals (Rita measures 5" long by 2" wide)  
From £235

Crystal plating
Headband colour
 Matching cuff available 
Jo Barnes Essie
Beautiful vintage inspired headdress created with Swarovski
 crystals and pearls, set to the side of the head, can either be
finished with Silver or Ivory pearls
(Measures 4.5" long by 2" wide)

 From £155
Crystal plating
Pearl & Headband colour
Jo Barnes Ester headdress

A beautiful sparkling headdress created using Swarovski 
crystals, with ivory pearls mixed in
(Measure 5.25" long by 1.5" wide)
From £170
Crystal plating
Headband colour
Jo Barnes Odessa - art deco inspired headband
   A dazzling art deco inspired headdress with incredible sparkle Can
 be finished in Silver or Palladium plated Swarovski crystals
(The Odessa headband measures 4.5" long by 2" wide)   
Jo Barnes - Odessa Headband
Jo Barnes - Odessa Headband

 From £170
Crystal plating
Headband Colour
Jo Barnes Bessie headdress

This unique piece features beautiful baguette stones and Swarovski
 pearls, true vintage glamour with incredible sparkle
(The Bessie headband measures 5" long by 3" wide)

Hedband colour
Jo Barnes Mozelle headband
A beautiful 1920s style headband, featuring an exquisite crystal
 brooch set to the side amongst 
marquise crystals 
 silver pearl


Jo Barnes Vintage Lela Headdress

Matching cuff available

Images by Darek Gontarski - D-12359 Berlin 

 The sparkling Lela headband features marquise Swarovski crystals and
pearls delicately wired into a charming floral pattern,
 finished in
either Silver 
or Palladium plated crystals
(Lela measures 5" long by 2" wide)

From £185

Crystal plating
Marlene headdress
Beautiful statement headdress created with heaps of round Swarovski
 crystals, finished with a centre cluster of Marquise and Square 
Swarovski crystals 

Jo Barnes Marlene headdress
Jo Barnes - Marlene headdress

From £250
Crystal plating

Audrey can also be raised on a headband bound in ribbon colour 
of your choice... 
Jo Barnes - Audrey Headband
(Measures 5" long by 3" wide)
Jo Barnes Audrey headdressJo Barnes Audrey headdress
Jo Barnes Audrey headdress
A truly stunning side headdress, Audrey features a beautiful crystal
 rose raised decorated with marquise crystal vines on headband
 covered with marquise Swarovski crystals
From £185
Crystal plating
Jo Barnes Etta

Jo Barnes Etta headband
Stunning statement headdress created with marquise stone leaves
 raised to the side of the
 head bound with your choice of ribbon


Headband Colour
An elegant headdress created with Swarovski crystals and pearls, 
to be worn on the side of the head 
(Available in ivory or silver pearls)
Headband colour